I make this quite often and usually on those weeks when I have a lot of work and want to have food ready for at least 3 days.

This fasting/vegan vegetable pastitsio is super easy and ready in no time.

The vegetables I used in my pastitsio are onion, garlic, red peppers and mushrooms. You can choose whatever vegetables you like. Chop them and cook them together with red sauce for about 10 minutes.

In this particular recipe I used classic pastitsio pasta. You can use whatever pasta you want.

For vegan béchamel, the basic ingredients are olive oil, flour and vegetable milk. This time I used oat milk. You can use almond or whatever else you like.

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Vegan Pastitsio with Veggies

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes
Servings 10
Calories 313
You will really like this pastitsio.


for the veggie sauce

  • 1 can of tomatoes
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 onion
  • 2-3 garlic cloves
  • 2 red peppers
  • 400 gr. mushrooms
  • salt
  • spice mix

for the pasta

  • 500 gr. pasta for pastitsio
  • 1 tbsp corn flour
  • 1/2 cup oat milk
  • salt
  • black pepper

for the béchamel

  • 3,5 cup oat milk
  • 80 ml olive oil
  • 85 gr. flour
  • 2 tbsp vegan shredded cheese
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • nutmeg


  • Start by boiling your pasta in plenty of salted water for 7-8 minutes. Drain and rinse.
  • At the same time start making your sauce. Pour the olive oil into a large non-stick frying pan. Add all the vegetables. Save them. Add the tomato, salt and spices. Cook for about 10 minutes. Set aside.
  • Mix the pasta with the corn flour and oat milk.
  • To make the béchamel, mix the flour with the olive oil in a saucepan. Once they are homogenized, lower the temperature. Add the oat milk and mix until you have a creamy béchamel. Set aside and add the cheese, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Stir.
  • Place non-stick paper in a large pan or pyrex. Toss in your spaghetti. Spread them well. Add the vegetables and spread them well. Pour the béchamel on top. Spread well and put in a preheated oven.
  • Bake at 180C for 50 minutes. Halfway through the time, turn the pan so that your pastry is cooked evenly. If it looks like it's going to burn on top, cover with non-stick paper and aluminum foil and continue baking like this.
  • Remove from the oven. Leave for 20-25 minutes to cool slightly before cutting.
Calories: 313kcal
Course: Lunch, Main Course
Cuisine: Greek
Keyword: pastitsio


Calories: 313kcal

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